Once upon a time our village of advice, friendship, and support was found in our own family, local churches and clubs, or the school your child attended. Now in the world of social media and instant connection around the globe, those villages have grown in size yet somehow lost in true connection.

Moms of New Braunfels uses the best of social media instant connection with the strength of membership local to New Braunfels to support moms on their own journey through every stage of momlife! Whether just learning they have a baby on the way, becoming a stepmom, welcoming a foster child, or those watching the additions of grandchildren, MoNB welcomes each and every mom in our area with the same respect and support in mind!

Whether you need business recommendations, parenting advice, a cheering section, a sounding board, or a friend on a rough day- The MoNB are here for you!

Welcome to the Village! We are so glad you’re here!