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Abbie Maberry is the mom to 2 incredible daughters, Taylor, 17 and Teagan, 9. She has been married to her best friend, Bill, for 22 years.

Abbie is the head administrator of Moms of New Braunfels, a local Facebook group of over 16,000 moms. She is the owner and founder of BATTmom and

Along with her admin team, Abbie focuses on creating a group that positively impacts the mothers in her community. Abbie has been fighting a battle with Cancer and a blood disorder for several years. Through her journey, she has become even more convinced that every mom deserves to have a place where a kind word is guaranteed and encouragement is freely given.

In addition, Abbie enjoys sharing her sorrows, triumphs, and random thoughts, in writing. Above all, Abbie’s greatest joy comes in hanging out with her family, working with their ‘mini-zoo’ or spending time together in their family passion, Texas 4-H. If you have an idea for an article or to reach out to her, please use the contact form on this site. Thank you for stopping by the village! 💖