We are so excited to invite you to become part of a campaign called #MONBeKind to spread some love and kindness in our town and surrounding communities!

#MONBeKind is an effort to do what moms do best- make things better and show some LOVE!

About a year ago, the town of Manchester England accepted handmade hearts in the aftermath of the terrorist attack there. These hearts were placed all over the stadium there, and spilled into the town. People were asked to take them home, keep them or pass them on. A good friend introduced our family to this effort and we were so amazed to see the impact those hearts had on people who were in such a terrible time of sorrow and fear.

❤️There is true power in the smallest acts of kindness!❤️

We want to bring that kind of joy here, to New Braunfels!
Since the heart shape is universally recognized to show love- what better shape to use to spread some of that love in our hometown?

So here is what we need you to do!

1. Create hearts that are small enough to hide/place around town. (Crochet, knit, cutout and colored, painted,crafted,etc!) Have a Pinterest day. Get your kids to help! Be creative!

2. Attach a tag to your heart with the #MONBeKind hashtag. You can add a short inspirational quote,scripture, or uplifting thought if you’d like.

3. Place them around town! Restaurants,the grocery store,the park, again be creative!! Please don’t leave them in a way that can be mistaken as litter or trash!

4. Send your photos of the hearts you make and the hearts you find to [email protected] Don’t forget to hashtag them too! ❤️

We will have featured Moms and their kiddos, random prizes, and more ideas to come!!

We can’t wait to see the love spread!!

Let’s get started Moms!! ❤️