Hello Friends!!

In the last few weeks we’ve seen an ever increasing amount of posts concerning education options, tutoring availability, curriculum questions, and more. Dually  advertising of those services is overwhelming most of these posts. For the last year our admin have been involved in creating a Homeschool co-op model. After much consideration, we have decided that in order to give the best access to information and services, MoNB will expand that option to all our members. MoNBeInformed: School Information, Ideas, and Support is a paid group dedicated to all things school. $10 a month will allow access to tutors, curriculum exchanges, ideas for education activities, and when regulations allow- events and field trips at free or reduced rates for our members. A portion of the proceeds from this group’s fees will also go to support our 501c3 Light Work 316, Inc.

Teachers and tutors wishing to advertise your services, that option will be available to you in this group.

We look forward to this new adventure in our village! See you there!