Meet Will! The strongest 10 year old you can imagine and he and his amazing family, need our help!

This week is heavy. Weight in my chest, head hanging, stretch my faith kind of heavy. A few of the things weighing on my mind are things I can work on, problems that may be able to be remedied. The heaviest things on my heart are not in that category. This week I watched as one of my sweet friends reached her hands out to brush her son’s shoulder just a few hours after learning that the monster he fights so bravely has grown too much to fight much longer. Words fail to express the heartache that was so clearly written on her face and the face of her husband. In those few minutes standing in her kitchen, I saw heartbreak in such clarity that it took my breath away. But as the kids bounded up the stairs to play, they turned toward each other and I saw something else just as clearly. I saw FAITH and HOPE and LOVE…. SO. MUCH. LOVE. For their warrior of a son but also for each other. I saw a husband and wife help each other put on their armor- I saw a mom and dad square their shoulders and ready for a battle that no one should have to fight.
“Can we raise money so you can spend the next few weeks or months together without the worry of finances?” I asked.
“We are thinking we’d like to go and make some memories.” They replied.
As I listened to the laughter floating down the stairs, I agreed wholeheartedly. Time may be limited but they still have time. Time to create some beautiful moments they will get to hold in their heart when they are apart from their sweet boy for a little while.
And so friends, that’s what we are going to do! We have over 18,000 members here and another 8,000 fans on our public page. If every one of us just donated $1 to the Birdsell family, we can give them the opportunity to spend as much time together with as little stress possible! I know we can do this!
And when they return from their road trip we are going to give Will a TEXAS sized celebration to let him know how much we love him too!

You can Venmo @HeatherBirdsell or PayPal
(Please use friends and family to avoid fees) or we will pick up checks, gift cards to help with travel, or any other help you’d like to offer!
Keep an eye out for the details of Will’s PARTY too!!
Thank you in advance for the help I know is coming!! I can’t wait to see our village come together for the Birdsell family!

If you can’t financially contribute, please pray for Will and Heather and Jason Birdsell, and Charlotte and Henry. 💖 We love them BIG!

And SHARE this post!! Tag friends- shout it from the rooftops…$1 each that’s all it’ll take if we do it together!!