17 years!! It definitely does not seem like 17 years since that day. I pray we never see anything like this on our soil again but I fear it all the same. Pray for our nation!

I wrote this on the 5 year anniversary of this day. I pray for each family who has an empty chair at their table because of the events of that morning. I hope they all know that we remember!

They did not win-

It does not seem the years have passed
since our security was shattered.
The day that,through the horror,
taught us all what really mattered
Our children’s laugh,
Our spouse’s kiss,
The voice of a dear friend,
The memories of all those lost
that we replay again.

It is the day that taught us fear,
the kind we’d never known.
The day that brought uncertainty
into each and every home
The day that changed the way our history will be told.
The day that death did not discriminate,
between the young and old.

The day that made heros
on an ordinary plane.
The day we came together,
knowing nothing was the same.
The day that showed us all what America can do.
The day that made each of us weep
for those we never knew-

The pain and sadness of this day
lingers with us-every one-
And even though our tears still fall
the healing has begun.
Our Flag still flies
We still are FREE
Those men,they did not win!
They may have knocked our country down
But We got UP again!!