It seems that most of the world has heard of and is mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant, his daughter GiGi, and the 7 passengers of their helicopter. Stars, athletes, and fans alike are remembering the greatness of this basketball god. One that we all somehow feel we have a claim to, by virtue of what we know from the internet and ESPN coverage of his life.

Tonight as I say good night to and hang up with our oldest daughter , kiss the head of our youngest and hold her hand while she drifts off to sleep and hear my husband say I love you, babe! Good night; I find myself in tears for a momma I know is wishing she was doing the same things just one more time.
My heart is aching for her and her children left here to miss their husband and child/father and sister. My heart breaks for the families of JOHN, KERI AND ALYSSA ALTOBELLI, SARAH AND PAYTON CHESTER, CHRISTINA MAUSER, and ARA ZOBAYAN
who also lost their loved ones. The children who won’t see parents, spouses lost, brothers, sisters, friends gone in an instant. The magnitude of a tragedy like this is something we all fear in the darkest corners of our minds.

We hear over and over that life is fragile and tomorrow isn’t promised. Yet, in the hustle of life, we all seem to take for granted that we will always have another opportunity to hug the ones we love. We don’t worry when we rush out the door without reminding our loved ones how much they mean to us because, we will be right back…..right?

What if we aren’t? The fact is, eventually, we won’t be. Whether that day comes tomorrow or 80 years from now- Will what we said and did be enough to carry them through days without us? It’s not enough to just hope so.

Tonight, pray for the mom and wife mourning her child and her husband. Pray for the children who’s parents and sibling are not coming home. Pray for the families who’s names we’d never heard before but now we will never forget.

Above all, LOVE like crazy while you’re here. Say the words, give the hugs, hold hands, dance in the kitchen, eat the cake, have the tea party….. make sure they know. Because tomorrow is truly not ours to rely on.